iBstone K19 Hearing Aids, Pair


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  • Be Connected with People – iBstone K19 hearing aid is supper effective in hearing assist for mild to moderate hearing loss. It will help the users to be connected again in conversation, watching TV, on the phone, or any other situations.
  • State of the Art Design – It’s elegant with total Beige color design for an unnoticeable wearing. You can use either device in either ear, or you can tell left or right by “L” or “R” letter on the devices. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
  • Fast Recharging & Upgraded Charger – Place the device in the charging base around 2.5-3 hours charging, you will get 24 hours using duration. It applies lithium-ion batteries instead of earlier batteries to ensure stable charging and longer using life.
  • Smaller & Light Weighting – These hearing aids are much smaller than other CIC hearing amplifiers. It feels more comfortable in ear canal, and no burden for ears for long time using. Great for people wearing glasses or masks. 
  • Ear Protection Output – Automatic sound gain control-output for hearing protection, won’t suffer from sudden loud noise.


114 reviews for iBstone K19 Hearing Aids, Pair

  1. Karen Supernaw

    Improved hearing immediate. Has also minimized tinnutis issue which was unexpected benefit. Difficulty with screeching when inserting right aid. Stops after insertion.

  2. Laura Cotton

    For the price you can’t beat them. Just about as good as my Nano ones that quit working.

  3. Barbara G Kuxhausen

    Excellent product! Fits good and my hearing is much better.

  4. Esther Kim – Gaetano Tailor shop

    Still experiencing some feedback on the left hearing aid despite using different dome sizes. Currently using the largest one which is producing the least feedback but still present even when he is not doing anything or manipulating the device.

  5. Jeanette Reesh

    I have no complaints. The fact that the hearing aids fit so snug in my ears has helped me tremendously at work.
    I’m a nurse and I have to wear a face mask 12 hours+ each shift and I wear glasses for reading so not having bulky over the ear hearing aids anymore is fantastic!

  6. Julie Wang

    It’s great and cost-efficient

  7. joseph eilers

    seems ok.

  8. Barbara

    Have not used them yet. Just got them but am pleased with support and ease and thoroughness of instruction.

  9. Ronald Marsh

    Better than other amplifiers I’ve had ! First day worked well , still adjusting. Will revue in a week or so.

  10. Patricia Galloway

    The devices fall out of my ears.also there is only one set of the smallest domes and the free offer of domes is not for k19 aides. The aplification is very good,but I can’t wear them much because they fall out especially left ear.

  11. Jim Settles

    All good. Works well.

  12. Mark Bishop

    Amplifies everything

  13. Warren Wamble

    Looks great.

  14. Vijay Tangirala

    Sometimes there is echo

  15. Marilyn Paulson

    Did not come with more domes instructions are very difficult and the pin won’t come out.

  16. Angela Samuels Harris

    Too big. Does not fit well in canal

  17. Juju

    It is good.

  18. Geoffrey Lewie

    So far so good.

  19. Frederick L Bradshaw

    somewhat small. hard to turn on with switch.

  20. Eileen white

    Charging have not used yet

  21. Fred A Coco

    charging base misfunctions turn on and off randomly does not stay blue when charged

  22. Jennifer Blank

    Left hearing aid stopped working. Days after purchase

  23. Jeffe Newman

    Haven’t tried them yet, but my friend has a pair and likes them

  24. John Shely

    Just received and checked volume. All is well.

  25. Jeff Rieder

    Seems simple enough. Great that you don’t have to replace batteries.

  26. Ethel Mejia

    So far so good. Seem to be working fine after they quit squealing.

  27. Edward Eguia

    Easy to use and works great so far👍

  28. John E Taylor

    Don’t know still charging. Haven’t tried yet.

  29. Denyse Lawrence

    Very happy with my purchase
    Looking forward to hearing a lot better

  30. Ruxton O. Williamson III

    Instruction manual is a little confusing

  31. Judy Nickle

    I’ve had hearing issues for some time and these let me hear life as I should.

  32. Assr Don Young

    Left ear does not work. Has been charged but does not turn.

  33. Richard Cherry

    Fairly good product for the price

  34. Terry Bryan

    Some confusion about a removable holder when inserting aids into the ear as no such holder is identified or included in box, but everything else seems to be correct and present. I will need more use time before forming an opinion on the quality of the aids.

  35. Danny Howard

    First pair of in canal aids and so far are comfortable

  36. Greg Pierce

    Too new to tell still trying to find best fit dome instructions are minimal and I donot completely understand

  37. Timothy Moore

    I had a pair previously.
    The addition to quality of life is remarkable.

  38. Ryan Moody

    So far I’ve been very pleased with the product.

  39. Jan Beard

    Defintnitly hraring improvement, hard to get adjusted ar first, but with more use the easiwr it gets. Very hidden which is a huge plus!

  40. Frank Shewmaker

    Just got them yesterday and started wearing them today. So far they seem to be great.

  41. Henry Tobkin

    I have been thinking about getting hearing aids for 2 years but put it off. I am charging them now and hopefully I will be hearing better tonight.

  42. Tim Winder

    This first day but I am hearing things I haven’t heard in years. I can hear and understand my wife even from another room.


    Well made, easy to use. Would recommend to my friends.

  44. Katsutoshi Yoda

    I needed rechargeable hearing aid. The package arrived on schedule, so far this was a good purchase.


    Great product, fair pricing, easy to order through Amazon. Warranty and accessories are helpful.

  46. Peter Gauvin

    They are still charging, I haven’t put them on yet

  47. Richard L Cherry

    Affordable and easy to use! That’s all I have to say.

  48. Mary Mason

    These are really good. I got them as a birthday present. Hopefully I can quit saying Huh? To my family.

  49. Paula D Eason

    I haven’t had time to fully evaluate

  50. Ranjit Charles

    Right ear has quite a bit of whistling even after trying multiple domea and inserting the device as far as we can.
    We would like a follow up call or email. I have emailed support@ibstone.net

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