iBstone K19 Hearing Aids, Pair


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  • Be Connected with People – iBstone K19 hearing aid is supper effective in hearing assist for mild to moderate hearing loss. It will help the users to be connected again in conversation, watching TV, on the phone, or any other situations.
  • State of the Art Design – It’s elegant with total Beige color design for an unnoticeable wearing. You can use either device in either ear, or you can tell left or right by “L” or “R” letter on the devices. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
  • Fast Recharging & Upgraded Charger – Place the device in the charging base around 2.5-3 hours charging, you will get 24 hours using duration. It applies lithium-ion batteries instead of earlier batteries to ensure stable charging and longer using life.
  • Smaller & Light Weighting – These hearing aids are much smaller than other CIC hearing amplifiers. It feels more comfortable in ear canal, and no burden for ears for long time using. Great for people wearing glasses or masks. 
  • Ear Protection Output – Automatic sound gain control-output for hearing protection, won’t suffer from sudden loud noise.


98 reviews for iBstone K19 Hearing Aids, Pair

  1. m. bromley

    just received product. a performance based review is premature at this time.

  2. Samuel Eli Orellana

    Muy buen producto nunca pense que fuera tan fastastico


    I will further comment after more use, however the product and product information and accessories are as defined on the web site. Hopefully these will help the hearing problem with the “in-the-cannel” application in lieu of the receiver behind the ear…

  4. Shirley Horsley

    I haven’t actually used it yet. Will be trying it out once it is finished charging.

  5. Tom Stuber, Sr.

    One doesn’t seem to have the same level of volume as the other, It would be better if there was a knob to adjust the volume. The on/off switch could be more pronounced,

  6. Sharon Jarnigan

    just received. Need to test at next book club to see if I can hear member comments.

  7. Barbara Friend

    Not sure yet. Have had some trouble, still working on it.

  8. Paul Templar

    I just received this item. Looks like what I was looking for. I have not had a chance to use then yet as I am currently charging them.

  9. William E Derby

    I like them .Getting volume set to my hearing is a must .Using domes they cam with,will try others ,Ilike on off switch Paid $1500. for pair I had used battery very little volume control hurt my right ear after hour or two of use.Cant say for the long run,so far pleased .The price was great also

  10. Samuel Dasilva

    Unable to evaluate as I just received the hearing aids and have just charged them. Would love to give an evaluation and star rating in a week or so

  11. George A Matthews

    Very happy with this product it really works well and easy to use

  12. Peter Kalyan

    Your product is easy to use and provides great sound quality. I was worried I would need to spend $1000’s on hearing aids that my insurance wouldn’t cover but your product has given me my hearing back at a fraction of the cost

  13. Edgar Martinez

    Bought it for my mother. Works well. She is happy with it.


    Just got today. Let’s see how it performs while on call. Still I got to get the perfect volume balance

  15. Simon wesler

    It is the first time i will use it !now it is charging ; i hope it will help.

  16. Steve Gifford

    I have owned a lot of hearing aids! I knew as soon as I tried these they are the best ones I ever had! I love how it sounds too!

  17. William Thomas

    No commenting coucirxlycurxlh it I

  18. Carl Quimby

    So far it has worked great! It’s actually for my wife and now she can hear me without any excuses!

  19. John Caliari

    These have performed very well for me.

    A slight squeal in one ear was solved by lowering volume and installing one size larger dome in that ear only. With two different size domes, the left/right labeling is very handy.

    I have worn various types of noise reduction ear inserts in my profession over the years so becoming accustomed to the PSAPs has not been an issue. I’ve been wearing them for a full day since Day 1.

    At this point, I am experimenting with wearing both at once or one at a time in various situations.

    I would have rated these a 5 except for the charger not being able to turn itself off after the PSAPs are fully charged. The manual plainly states “do not consistently overcharge”. I have purchased a countdown timer to solve this issue. Also, the manual shows the PSAP being installed for one ear only. This suggests installing the opposite ear in the same manner. This, of course, reverses the direction of the curved PSAP in the ear canal.

  20. Greg bollig

    Sound could be a little less squealing

  21. Francine Dalonzo

    The product was easy to set up and works great

  22. Charles Demczak

    I can hear things that I haven’t been to hearin years

  23. Sandra Labue

    I just got it. Like the box for storage.

  24. Joe G Jones

    I can’t seem to get a good fit with the devices in my ears

  25. Bill Minyard

    like the size and the comfortable fit

  26. Ted Lipscomb

    Works as described. Simple instructions.

  27. Marci Bryant

    I just received this and am charging it now. I don’t really know at this point, if I like it or not.

  28. Jackie L Collier

    I’m not real sure yet first time wearing them

  29. Larry Flesher

    First pair worked great until one fell out of my ear into toilet – second pair (paid full price again) working ok.

  30. Richard Valovcik

    So far so good easy to use simple very easy

  31. Byron Diez

    I just received the hearing aids. I like the size and color, and I have them on charge. Can’t wait to try them. I will give more feedback after I listen to them. Thank so far.

  32. Bob Wrenn

    Just received it today and completed a full charge. Have them in my ears for the first time. We will need to make adjustments. Will know more after a few days..

  33. Anne ody

    They are comfortable. I like the beige color because the blend in with my skin tones. I just received them so can’t say how they will be long term but initially the sound is very good.

  34. Prabhat Andleigh

    Sound quality good. Fit terrible. Falls off. Had to use larger semi spherical dome from an earbud. Domes included with product are useless. Adjusting sound level is not good for moving from quiet to noisy areas. Hence two stars less.

  35. joseph winter

    so far, I am still in the trail faze, they do not fit very well though.

  36. Martin Houlihan

    Just received them a few days ago. So far so good. Sound amplification is good.
    They are a little tight in my ear canal (I guess mine are smaller than average ?),
    even with the smallest dome. I may need to find a smaller device.

  37. Phyllis Medley

    The volume is to low will not get higher. How do I send it for repairs.

  38. Randy Evans

    I have owned hearing amplifiers for several years now and decided I was done messing with changing batteries so I began looking for a rechargeable pair. I decided on the iBstone K19 and am very happy with purchase. They fit good and are comfortable to wear. They fit in ear canal well and are the smallest ones I have owned.

  39. Bonnie Weinacht

    just received the device but so far so good

  40. William Rempfer

    Just started to wear them once I got them to stop whistling I was happy with them

  41. Richard Mehlhorn

    Love them and have used before, small size and rechargeable great deal. Would buy again.

  42. Paul Caudill

    Haven’t used long enough to fully know.

  43. Richard Cherry

    They are very easy too use and charge! They are value at their price

  44. Peter Alecxis Ada

    Excellent. The only problem is that it constantly falls off my ear. But I really like it

  45. Donald Boedicker

    These work for me. Everything included. Easy instructions to follow.

  46. Tom Thompson

    Seemingly good so far. I’ll know more once my ears are acclimated to the devices.

  47. Woochoong Yoon

    Excellent and powerful hearing aid for everyone.
    I have been wearing it more than a month and is helpful very much in my hearing performance. The turning-on and off switch buttons are kind of small, but it is not a big problem. It is working well for me just as good as the expensive hearing aids that I have been using. Recommend to everyone with hearing problems.

  48. Doris Saoud

    Great product. Very easy to charge and use. Amazing improvement when I started using it.

  49. Gicela Bonilla

    Fits perfect, I can speak and not hearing my own voice. Its perfect

  50. Pamela Mosley

    Great product! Easy set up. I purchased these for my elderly dad, and he loves them.

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