iBstone K18 Hearing Aids (Pair)


  • Super Effective Hearing Improvement – Clear sound amplification makes it ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss. With noise background reduction, it will bring you back the clear world.
  • Fast Rechargeable & Upgraded Charger – Place the device in the charging base around 2.5-3 hours charging, you will get a 24 hours using duration. It applies lithium-ion batteries instead of earlier batteires to ensure stable charging and longer using life.
  • Smaller & Lightweighting – These hearing aids are much smaller than other CIC hearing amplifiers. It feels more comfortable in ear canal, and no burden for ears for long time using.Great for people wearing glasses or masks
  • State of the Art Design – Cool black color design for the devices, beige surface which is closed to the skin color to look natural. Though there is a letter “L” and “R”to tell left and right direction, you can also use them for either side of your ear. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
  • Ear Protection Output – These hearing aids are with automatic sound gain control output for hearing protection, you won’t suffer from sudden loud noise.


iBstone K18
iBstone K18
IBstone K18
iBstone K18 hearing aid

87 reviews for iBstone K18 Hearing Aids (Pair)

  1. david duran

    First set of “hearing aids’. I don’t have any experience but these are easy to use and I am pleasantly surprised.

  2. Richard Wirth

    The aid helps, but I would like more info on the battery and the charger.

  3. John Thomas

    So far so good! Very comfortable and sound quality is great.

  4. jack moore

    i don’t know yet they are charging

  5. Bill Owens

    No domes we’re received in initial package. The amplifier is for my wife who is in memory care. I haven’t checked the product yet so I can’t evaluate or rate

  6. Matthew Ifkovits

    Just received them. No comment yet

  7. Tatiana Connolly

    This is my very first hearing aid and it work great. The instruction manual is easy to understand and the aid is easy to operate. Feel quite comfortable in my ear. Thank you for your product!

  8. Damon Horner

    Does well for amplification, really am hearing things I have not heard in a long time, yet hard to see the volume setting.

  9. Lori C Womack

    They are very comfortable and easy to set up.

  10. Harry Smouse

    Just tried them for the first time today.

  11. Rich Anderson

    So far, so good. The volume is great, and they recharge quickly.

  12. Tommy Langston

    Easy to install. Hearing greatly improved. Wife does not have to repeat things she says when I am behind her. Love them.

  13. Christopher Sizemore

    They’re definitely making a difference.

  14. Jesus Alvarado

    Excellent product, i am thankful to use it

  15. James Yeater

    I just got them, I already like them can hear great.The price was great and the quality of the sounds that I can hear with them. I can hear the tv now without blasting the sound on it to loud for the rest of my family.

  16. Yvonne S Mitchell

    Still too early to decide if I like the product.

  17. C. Richard Denton

    Too soon to really know. Concept looks great. Looking forward to successful use of product.

  18. Gary W Rice

    hearing aids will not charge,,,the red light does flash when I insert into charging station…it worked fine for 2 days…

  19. Joyce Thompson

    Just received today so far so good set up easy clear instructions

  20. Mary Underwood

    Having problems with them, will be calling in if cant resolve

  21. Mike Groth

    The on off switch is too small.

  22. Steven Wilson

    I don’t have such severe hearing loss that I can’t hear but between age and bad habits I have lost some tones/ranges. These certainly help with that and am happy with the amplification they provide. So is my family.

  23. James Landerkin

    The K-18 Hearing Amplifier was delivered on time and packaged well. The Instructions were clear and easy to read. The medium adapters for the ear canals fit my ears perfectly. Since the amplifiers came a;ready charged, I tried them out before placing them in the charger and they worked perfectly. The amplifiers are much smaller than I expected and are practically invisible when inserted in the ears.

  24. james brown

    used it one time so far in church and i could hear well.
    must make adjustment for one ear for it seems to squeal.

  25. Cheryl Price

    On/off button and volume indicator too small. Need magnifying glass to see.

  26. Linda C Miller

    Still figuring it out right device buses alot.

  27. Eileen widany

    Still trying to determine correct size of ear domes.

  28. Duane Blevins

    Fits very well, and I don have to change batteries. Hearing is great

  29. James Geddie

    Works great so far, but I’m having a little trouble with the left ear mainly because of allergies. Hopefully when the fluid in the ear canal is gone, the amplifier will work constantly instead of part of the time.

  30. Greg McCarson

    So far so good. Would be nice to not have to use a tool to turn volume up or down but not a show stopper.

  31. Susan DeSantis

    Haven’t tried it, still charging but registered it.

  32. Richard D’Onofrio

    As I mentioned in my previous review, these hearing devices are the best of any that I have tried. Therefore, I have purchased a second pair to have on hand, just in case!!

    Thank you for making such a quality product for an affordable price.

  33. Pheadar OTyrrell

    Without a doubt this is the best aid on the market. I’ve tried them all and settled on this device. Most importantly, they stay put in my ears. Others were always falling out!

  34. John R. Jones

    They fit comfortably in my ear canals. Just had to make a small volume adjustment and have experienced great sound quality. Like the fact I don’t get wind noise like my previous over the ear aids did.
    They are fully charged in less than 6 hours. Very pleased with fit and sound quality.

  35. Paul Smith

    Good product at a good price and suits my mild hearing loss very well. One problem that I hope to resolve with your customer service. The right unit make a loud whistling noise during insertion and intermittently occurs after insertion.

  36. Richard D’Onofrio

    I have tried six different hearing aids ranging from $900 down to your price of $139 and yours is the best of any of them! The tone and quality is excellent, the adjustments are simple and easy to use, and they are virtually invisible. The comfort is extraordinary- I just cannot say enough good about your product. In fact, I just bought myself a second pair to have on hand!!

  37. Larry Tichauer

    It is charging for the first time but the packaging looks great. May need more information on wax ring replacement.

  38. Maria Bazan-Myrick

    Not sure how this will work yet. Just started using it.

  39. Ray Clark

    Felt very comfortable from the 1st time worn & greatly improved my hearing.

  40. Ken Hinkelman

    Good volume control, comfortable and well designed.

  41. Jesse Jackson

    Dislike adjusting volume requires tool.

  42. Karen Behrens

    I just have been reading over the instructions and I do have one question. Did I read correctly that you should charge it 2 times before trying them?
    Everything looks good to me though and I’m anxious to use them


    So far comfortable and no issues, using them as a spare pair to my custom fit pair.

  44. Keith Anvick

    These hearing aid amplifiers do a good job at amplifying middle frequencies, but I just wish they would amplify lower frequencies…..

  45. Sidney Edwards

    Very compact and well made product. Good looking.

  46. Stephen Morris

    Definitely amplified sounds. Product did not include sized domes and supplied dome is too big and won’t stay in place. Noise level adjustment works well and easily. Overall a good product for the price.

  47. R.T. Denny

    Having trouble getting rid of whistle

  48. Luis

    Very good quality of the materials.
    Compact and comfortable.
    Almost invisible.
    Very good packing.
    Comfortable, compact and very well designed carrying case.
    Great sound quality.
    Easy of use.

  49. Glenda Privitt

    Just recievied. Left very comfortable. Right not so much. Larger than I expected. Glad to send a review later after I wear them for a while.

  50. William Byrne

    Does not seem to help hearing. I tried everything. I like the size and everything about them. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong , but will continue to work with them.

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