iBstone K18 Hearing Aids (Pair)


  • Super Effective Hearing Improvement – Clear sound amplification makes it ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss. With noise background reduction, it will bring you back the clear world.
  • Fast Rechargeable & Upgraded Charger – Place the device in the charging base around 2.5-3 hours charging, you will get a 24 hours using duration. It applies lithium-ion batteries instead of earlier batteires to ensure stable charging and longer using life.
  • Smaller & Lightweighting – These hearing aids are much smaller than other CIC hearing amplifiers. It feels more comfortable in ear canal, and no burden for ears for long time using.Great for people wearing glasses or masks
  • State of the Art Design – Cool black color design for the devices, beige surface which is closed to the skin color to look natural. Though there is a letter “L” and “R”to tell left and right direction, you can also use them for either side of your ear. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
  • Ear Protection Output – These hearing aids are with automatic sound gain control output for hearing protection, you won’t suffer from sudden loud noise.


iBstone K18
iBstone K18
IBstone K18
iBstone K18 hearing aid

86 reviews for iBstone K18 Hearing Aids (Pair)

  1. JoAn Brady

    I’m having trouble getting the right hearing aid to fit. It slides part way out. Also, I accidentally overcharged the left hearing aid, because I was sick.

  2. Anthony Ballman

    Good product charged it up give me your pretty clearly very little squealing when not adjusted right happy with it so far

  3. Todd Dubose

    Nice and small. It takes a little to get used to them and making sure the earpieces fit right. I can hear again!! So much for the huh?? What did you say??

  4. Ronald A Smith

    So far working great and fit just fine

  5. Donald Grimm

    Background noises amplified but voices don’t seem much louder.

  6. Kevin Ashworth

    Slight hearing loss but these help me hear conversations and what’s going on around me.

  7. Darin MacKenzie

    Just bought them only had them for one day, but seem very nice quality and ok sound for the price. People’s voices are loud. TV sound and electronic devices seem to cut sound level down.. Background noise comes through.

  8. Thomas M Holtz

    Works great sound is clear and fits well in my ears. Easy to insert and quick to charge

  9. Melissa Hines

    Fits very well in my ear and sound is amazing

  10. Jessie Wycoff

    Helps with tinnitus but hurts my ear and I get background noise

  11. Hakan Berk

    It is a bit big, and doesn’t fit into the ear.

  12. Robert Sloane

    Just got it and it’s charging for first time. I like the look and seems as it’s very simple to use with easy directions

  13. stacy boehm

    I’ve only had this product for a couple months and they already quit working

  14. Elena Phipps

    My mother loses these. My second pair to order in a month. Do you have a discount I can just buy the hearing aides? 8324441800 star54@swbell.net

  15. Sharon Livingston

    I lost my right ear on my first . I want to get a right ear. Can I get help here or amazon

  16. Thelma Wilkins

    Easy to use. Work great! Bought a pair for my husband as well.

  17. Ismael Hernandez

    The left earpiece is not charging or working well since I received it.

  18. Randy L Horne

    Don’t have an opinion yet. I have just opened them and now activating warranty.

  19. robert teaff

    fits well, very comfortable, easy to use and to charge.

  20. Hannah Johnson

    My grandpa loves them. We can actually have conversations without feeling like we are yelling at one another.

  21. Harry Elkin

    So far, they are good. It’s hard to give much as I’ve only just received the item


    I have bought 2 sets of these and the right one messes up. The first set won’t stop squelling and the second one is all static.they work good till this happened.

  23. Bruce Acker

    This is a good value for the price. Inserts easily into the ear and stays put. Easy to remove, too.
    Volume adjustment is pretty simple and has a decent range of amplification.
    The charger comes with a type-C USB connection.

  24. Paul E Suzuki

    So far it is working okay but domes do not fit my ear canal perfectly. When I’m eating P noise bothers me. I tried all domes but not much change.

  25. Matthew Laughlin

    Low fidelity, but the price is right

  26. Charles Meade

    Easy set up, very comfortable was really surprised at the quality of sound that I receive from these hearing devices. I have worn hearing aid for about 10 years, I am very pleased with the quality, and price. would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you

  27. Donald Martin

    Works well. Not high quality sound. Good in car and watching tv

  28. Bob Kroska

    So far so good – just got it- setting up now and will try once charged

  29. Anne ody

    First time using aids but generally love them. Still having a little trouble putting them in. I am still trying to adjust the sound level but love that the back ground noise is minimal.

  30. John Yarnell

    Difficult to insert. Whistles too much

  31. Jeffrey J Ellis

    Wish there was more detailed instruction on proper fitment, cleaning and wearing of the hearing device.

  32. Lisa Isenberg

    Works as good as the reviews said it does. No surprises

  33. Karthik Venkatachalam

    Good product for the price.. bought it through Amazon

  34. Dorothy Reader

    I am suprisingly pleased with the clear amplified sound.

  35. Gloria Chibas

    Very easy to adapt to. I get a strident buzz when I go place it but goes away once it is in ear

  36. Anthony Di Bartolo

    These hearing amplifiers are the best ever. More expensive units did not work in my left ear with significant hearing loss. Now I am hearing from both sides of my head.

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