iBstone K17 Hearing Aids, Pair


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Super Effective Hearing Assist – Ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss. With noise reduction, these small devices will bring you back the clear world.
Completely-in-Canal – Very small and lightweight, no burden for ears for long time using. Great for people wearing glasses or masks.
State of the Art Design – Blue device for left ear, red device for right ear, pure white magenitic charging base. Nice appearance and easy to tell the two devices’ direction. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
Rechargeable – Place it in the charging base, you will get a 24 hours using duration. As easy as charging a mobile phone – no need to dealing with batteries any more.
Ear Protection Output – Automatic sound gain control-output for hearing protection, won’t suffer from sudden loud noise.


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324 reviews for iBstone K17 Hearing Aids, Pair

  1. Linda Dianne Shields

    I just received them yesterday.


    did not received any domes with my order

  3. Drenocky

    Having a hard time getting them to stay in

  4. Vinny demasi

    It is amazing hearing things you haven’t heard for a while

  5. Denise Lutes

    They took a couple weeks to get use to and find the right dome…now I love them just wish I could turn then up all the way without them whistling

  6. James M Morgan

    Just received it. Nothing to say at this time.

  7. Gordon Millien

    Fully met my expectations.

  8. Timothy a burke

    Work very well,I am pleased with them

  9. Teresa Tollett

    Just got them in but so far they are very easy to put in and they work amazing

  10. Don


  11. Carla Kitchel

    My dad and husband have the hearing aids and can hear me now

  12. Franklin Myers

    I just got it. I have not used it yet.

  13. Robert Munch

    Currently charging, have not tried them as of yet.

  14. Carol Gibbons

    its terrific

  15. William Cate

    I like the way it fits in my ear.

  16. michael a mohn

    amplifies everything

  17. Jarrett Rapp


  18. Robert Garrison

    A black marking of the line to insert the volume control screwdriver would help a lot

  19. Marcy Utley

    Just need to adjust to when I’m talking. Sounds like I’m all stuffed up to me but not to others listening to me.

  20. Tim McCurry

    Blue unit stopped working, about 1 week ago, now red unit has stopped. Tried adjusting volume to max a d it doesn’t help. Unit doesn’t whistle anymore either.

  21. Foort Jagt

    Today received and charged and put in my ears. The first impression is good.

  22. Debbie Roney

    Haven’t used it much yet. Just got them yesterday.


    Good so far

  24. Kimberly D Trail

    Product came very quick. It’s for my teenage daughter who has always had problems with her hearing. So far it seems to work really well

  25. Jeffrey Phillis

    Ease of use

  26. Patricia Pershina

    They seem to work well and the coloring is helpful but something to attach them to since they are for seniors they could fall out

  27. Steve Ovsak


  28. Paul Buelow

    I have been using an over the ear unit, I wanted to switch to a CIC unit. These were the right price, and I am happy with them so far.

  29. Rona Morrison

    Instruction book is too small for seniors to read, also the indicator fir R and L on the battery are unable to be seen by a senior.

  30. Celine North

    I really enjoy being able to hear again.

  31. Charles Hinson

    Just received it and don’t really have an opinion just yet.

  32. Christine Cools

    It is a good product. I just have to get used to it.

  33. Howie G

    hearing aids work fine, looking to order some replacement
    parts and not much help hear.

  34. Chuck Carson


  35. Kelly Navarro

    Great product, haven’t had any problems with it! Just in need of refills!

  36. Shirley May

    I’m starting to use them and need to get use to them it feels strange to be able to hear everything at a louder sound level than what I usually do so that’s a good thing I hope to get used to them soon so that I can have a new wonderful experience with these.

  37. Keith D Waford

    Easy to charge and operate! Fits snugly in your ear.

  38. Roger Dilley

    Good product try to get the perfect fit right now

  39. Linda Fair

    She has a hard time keeping them from whistling but when they aren’t she hears better. Bought these for my motherinlaw

  40. Bobby Villela

    Made a world of difference

  41. Pamela Wojtysiak

    Easy to use…hearing has improved.

  42. brianmott

    just trying to use it, problem with whistling/echo. will look up more info and let you

  43. Wanda Rawlings

    Still experiencing some ringing, but otherwise sound quality is good

  44. Jeannie Denny

    So far they seem nice, they charged up well and are powering up great. I’m still trying to get them fitted correctly and dialed in so I can see how effective they are.

  45. Patricia Hinojosa

    The first set fell apart, this is the second set purchased. This time I purchased the extra warranty

  46. Connie adams

    I received my amplifiers yesterday and read the instructions carefully. I placed buds in container and charged them. When I placed them in my ears, I was amazed at what I could hear. It was beautiful to be able to hear my husband talking to me. I am pleased and I am I the training stage working up to more time to keep the buds in. The total package is neat and concise.

  47. Robert Newingham

    Works great!!!
    Was curious about hearing aids without prescription.
    Am very pleased

  48. Bryan Karns

    Still learning. The sound level is hard to adjust.


    Easy to start wearing them. You will be hearing better in 5 minutes after opening the box. Good instructions.

  50. David Sais

    I am unable to insert the hearing aids by myself. I have had to wait for my daughter to assist me with the charging and with preparing to use them. I dont think they are right for me. Today we have tried to set them up but it is a lot for me to do.

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