iBstone K17 Hearing Aids, Pair


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Super Effective Hearing Assist – Ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss. With noise reduction, these small devices will bring you back the clear world.
Completely-in-Canal – Very small and lightweight, no burden for ears for long time using. Great for people wearing glasses or masks.
State of the Art Design – Blue device for left ear, red device for right ear, pure white magenitic charging base. Nice appearance and easy to tell the two devices’ direction. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
Rechargeable – Place it in the charging base, you will get a 24 hours using duration. As easy as charging a mobile phone – no need to dealing with batteries any more.
Ear Protection Output – Automatic sound gain control-output for hearing protection, won’t suffer from sudden loud noise.


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302 reviews for iBstone K17 Hearing Aids, Pair

  1. Karen Diehl

    The sound quality is good. My husband can finally enjoy TV without
    turning up the volume. Please send me my free gift.
    Thank you

  2. Robert Tate

    Initial charging station not working right on one side and right ear has whistle. Support has been good to get replacement.

  3. Esther Kuczynski

    Amazing how I can now hear down the hallway!!

  4. Allen Hornocker

    Just received your product. It seems to work well.

  5. Carol younglove

    I’m still getting used to it but it’s definitely better than the other products that I’ve tried

  6. Sheryl Rausch

    Right now the blue one is not working seems to charge but now is not working

  7. Melissa

    Easy to use, comfortable to wear and very affordable

  8. Robert Allen (large domes please)

    Second purchase,works great,easy to use and very affordable.

  9. Gloria Ramirez

    It has very good quality I really like them I can hear really good I appreciate it

  10. Mike Brown

    I like that the aids were smaller so they fit in my ears well without anyone seeing them. No noise when putting on or taking off mask.

  11. Ruth Garrett

    The dome don’t fit conforteraly

  12. marilyn wilson

    hard for an 87 year old to setup and use. domes were difficult to visually tell their size, charging was confusing… is it ok to leave them in the charger overnight?… guide indicates overcharging may damage them, guide advised wearing them 2 hrs / day initially, my mother thought that meant they only worked for 2 hrs on a charge. user manual does not include instructions for on/off switch…. turn off before charging?

  13. nancy clausel

    have not had long enough to tell yet. still working on it.

  14. Harvey Ream

    The right side device will not charge. I have tried it in both charging slots

  15. Deborah Sturdy

    So far, so good. They charged quickly and I’m using them every day.

  16. russ mattson

    works great; priced right! great package, fast delivery: now I can go back to my CE classes again and actually hear what the speakers are saying and no one will be the wiser

  17. Edward Almeda

    Helps a lot in amplifying my fathers hearing

  18. Larry M Marcum

    I’m pleased with the hearing amplifiers. They work and fit very well.

  19. Sandy Brown

    Does not fit well in my ear. A little too big.

  20. LeAnn Srite

    I noticed a difference in my hearing right away! I’m very pleased at this time…even though I’m having issues with setting the volume up on the left Aid, and getting it correctly placed in my ear. I’m very happy.

  21. Michael Wampler

    Have not tried yet but look nice

  22. Patrick Baker

    This is my first set of hearing amplifiers so I really have nothing to compare them to. I do like that I hear better indoors. I no longer have to turn the television volume up high. I am also able to have a conversation without saying “what” all the time. There is very little background noise while indoors and this improves their overall effectiveness.

    The use of the amplifiers outdoors is an entirely different matter. Whether at a restaurant, riding in a car, or out in a crowd, the background noise is intense rendering the amplifiers essentially useless.

    The only other thing I am struggling with is the fit. I started with the medium domes and the amplifiers fit comfortably and snugly in my ear canal. The only problem was that they became loose when I would eat/chew. When I switched to the larger domes, this problem went away but the fit is (almost) uncomfortably tight. I think this will go away as my ears adapt to the larger domes.

    In summary, I believe the amplifiers are good but not great; however, for the price I paid, I do think they are worth it.

  23. kay medlin

    I like them. They are easy to use. I like the fact that they are rechargeable.

  24. Jamed Schleicher

    These devices are awesome. They are priced incredibly affordable. If you need assistance with your hearing. I strongly reccomend these.

  25. Michael Branch

    Work great. Was my first hearing aid so I had to get used to them first. For the price you can’t go wrong. Would buy them again.

  26. Jeremy Robinson

    They are ok. They get all muffled in the car with the windows down. Any wind or bass from music and they get all distorted. Red aid died in a few months. I expected alot for for $149.99. I have bought cheaper o es in the past that worked alot better than these.

  27. Ray Nason

    I just got them and am in early usage, but they seem to work well. The sound amplification works better than low end hearing aids.

  28. James Heagerty

    I’m sorry to say that I am returning these aids. After trying to wear them for a week (and I do wear an older other type of aid) that they do not fit my ears very well. I am somewhat of an active person and they heave the tendency of popping out. I have tried them with the different cups and even without the cups. They just don’t fit comfortable.

  29. Karen Kieper

    Working on figuring out the dome size,tricky



  31. Kenneth

    Just received product. Have not tried it yet.

  32. Barbara Klinzong

    I just received my hearing device and I seam to hear much better although their are outside noises to get used to like traffic noises ,I can hear my own foot steps . Like I said you have to adjust but I can hear well..

  33. Maryruth Butler

    My husband very hard of hearing and refuses to research traditional hearing aids…watching TV is a nightmare…thief’s little hearing aids have been amazing for us both to watch TV without the neighbors hearing it as well!

  34. Ruth I Gove

    I have not been able to use them yet. I need magnifying glass to read the words on the amplifiers. It took a while to get registered ie to find order number. Did that, now I am anxious to get them working.

  35. Mickey Brown

    I like the pri e compared to my Signia set

  36. Eric Siese

    Just received hearing aid . Charging now.

  37. Aaron Schwartz

    Haven’t tried it yet. Ordered it for an aging parent

  38. Diane Fine

    It was a great help to my hearing but a little challenging to insert in my ears.

  39. Bob Lacey

    Does a great job of being able to hear clearly and does lessen my tinnitus greatly.

  40. Edward Blanchard

    I haven’t tried them yet , but am impressed with the looks .
    After a few days of trying them , I’ll give another review .

  41. William Piper III

    I haven’t tried them on yet but assuming they’re gonna be great

  42. Kevin guidry

    Great product so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Dominick Demsak

    Seems to work well. Wearer likes them.

  44. Tonya Payton

    I can hear with them so far.They are comfortable too .Im glad i found these because i was always afraid of losing my other ones when i would take off my mask at work.

  45. angie accurso garrison

    bought for my 83 yr old father who has lost two sets of very expensive hearing aids.
    these are just as good as the ones he lost!!

  46. John P Henry

    They came as promised. Easy to set up and use. My mother loves them.

  47. Deborah Roberge

    Recommended by a relative or how well it works for them. Now that I’m on Social Security I can’t afford many of them out there.

  48. Tacha Lyons

    Just got it but like the size, colors and the charging port. Excited to start using them.

  49. Gerrie Patenaude

    This product is easy to set up, clean and charge. I can hear so much better.

  50. Alberto Forero

    Easy to set up and wonderful sound!

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