iBstone K17 Hearing Aids, Pair


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Super Effective Hearing Assist – Ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss. With noise reduction, these small devices will bring you back the clear world.
Completely-in-Canal – Very small and lightweight, no burden for ears for long time using. Great for people wearing glasses or masks.
State of the Art Design – Blue device for left ear, red device for right ear, pure white magenitic charging base. Nice appearance and easy to tell the two devices’ direction. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
Rechargeable – Place it in the charging base, you will get a 24 hours using duration. As easy as charging a mobile phone – no need to dealing with batteries any more.
Ear Protection Output – Automatic sound gain control-output for hearing protection, won’t suffer from sudden loud noise.


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59 reviews for iBstone K17 Hearing Aids, Pair

  1. Jerome Rogauskas

    I was not able to enhance the higher tones where my hearing is most impared

  2. David Miller

    I purchased these to try before purchasing a full set of hearing aids. I am very happy with the performance for the price

  3. Charlotte Yates

    So far, it’s working great for my father who is unable to hear.

  4. Roberto Rodriguez

    Very compact , discreet and comfortable

  5. Michelle Kouta

    They work great,long lasting, and I can hear very good.

  6. Paul Purpura

    I just got it and I am setting the hearing aids up. Ask me again in about a month.

  7. W7 windmills

    Dont know still charging……………..

  8. Monica

    The product is excellent quality and very effective.Improved my hearing very good.

  9. Stacey Seifert

    The charger doesn’t light up or work!

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