iBstone Hearing Amplifier ProVive (Right)


  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY with affordable price. iBstone ProVive is one of the most advanced hearing aids using the same technology found in the most expensive prescription ear aids. It provides high fidelity sound with superior noise canceling, feedback suppression and whistling reduction.
  • DOCTOR DESIGNED personal hearing assist device. Up to 45 dB of gain makes this sound amplifier ideal for MILD to MODERATE hearing loss. Perfect hearing aids for adults and senior with natural aged hearing loss.
  • SMALL BUT POWERFUL – It’s smaller than most of BTE (Behind the ear) hearing aids, but it’s preconfigured with 4 programs and 11 volume levels to fulfill your need. Ready to wear with 6 batteries, 2 sound tubes, 6 ear domes for best fit. 
  • GIFT PACKAGING – As FDA approved hearing aids, iBstone ear amplifiers are very durably made with superior materials and outstanding reliability. With exquisite packaging and complete accessories, it would be a great listening assisted gift for families and friends.
  • GUARANTEED – One year warranty, 45 Day full refund.




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