iBstone Vive20 Hearing Aids


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  • TRUSTWORTHY – Doctor and audiologist designed, FDA approved hearing aid rechargeable for moderate to severe hearing loss. Only a fraction of price for the same technology as the expensive prescription hearing aids.
  • RECHARGEABLE – Rechargeable digital hearing aid, no need to buy and change batteries anymore. – You will surely love its intelligent and modern magnetic charging station.
  • EXACT CLEAR SOUND – Press the memory switch to adjust hearing programs for different environment. Rotate volume control for levels of sound volume.- One finger control hearing aids for adults and seniors. Regained lucid sound easily and conveniently!
  • COMFORTABLE – Compact and behind the ear(BTE) makes this psap hearing aids almost invisible. 5 ear domes with different sizes for choice provide all day comfort. Be turned on/off by one finger without taking in/out battery like other devices.
  • GIFT PACKAGING & GUARANTEE – Exquisite packaging and lucid sound make it a perfect gift for seniors or friends. 100% refund guarantee & 1 Year product warranty for your confident purchase.



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You Deserve the Best – iBstone Vive20

iBstone Vive20 are using world-class components from European and United States markets.

The core components of Vive20 are the same ones as the most famous and expensive hearing aids brand using. They are more affordable since they were sold online to save expense and services of traditional physical store, and iBstone takes the least fraction to benefit more customers.

Note: iBstone Vive20 are designed for adults with mild to severe hearing loss, not for profound hearing problems. For profound hearing loss, we suggest to see a doctor or audiologist instead of purchasing hearing products online.

iBstone Vive20

26 reviews for iBstone Vive20 Hearing Aids


    i have just received the product. i am praying it works as well as advertised. i will give input later. so far so good. I like the fit, not bulky or uncomfortable in any way.

  2. STEVEN KURBYUN/Carol Kurbyun

    These devices really help when watching TV. Also, helps dissipate tinnitus symptoms.

  3. Barbara Sue Rex

    love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fred Robinson

    I have very large ears. The sound tubes are too small for me. Where can I get larger ones? I’m not
    getting the the full benefit of these aids.

  5. Phyllis Flanagan

    I honestly thought my hearing was lost permanently! My daughter bought these heating aides for me for Christmas, and I absolutely love them! What a way to hear the quality of life, that I honestly thought was gone! I can hear the laughter and joys of my grandkids! Thank you so much!

  6. Johnny Knox

    Feedback in the ear pieces.The hearing aids have feedback that leads to confusion.

  7. Leo saindon

    Like the size and accessories included like the cleaning tool


    Attempting to get used to it. My current aids adjust automatically to different situations. Still trying to remember to reset the amplifiers each time I encounter a different situation. They charged quickly and indicated when fully charged. I changed the domes without issue. I wear glasses so getting the aids to fit comfortably was slightly difficult. The directions were not clear as how to change the connector between the aid the the earpiece. Also, no mention as how to get a new rechargeable battery and what the cost will be.

  9. Elsayed M Allam

    good performance and easy to use. Size could be smaller. The fit behind the ears could be more tight & snug.

  10. Tom Jankovich

    Tubes to short. Won’t reach my ear canal

  11. Gale Gooden

    Havent had time to see if i like it. So far it is ok.

  12. Marilyn Schmitt

    So far it seem okay. I will know more after I’ve had a chance to use them longer. I was amazed though at how long the batteries lasted as I forgot to plug them in overnight one night and they still lasted all the next day.

  13. John Graves

    Hearing aids are comfortable and actually worked from first day. Easy to follow instructions.

  14. Cynthia Suit

    I ordered this pair of hearing amplifiers becaused I lost one of my other Doctor prescribed hearing aids. So far everthing appears fine although I have only been able to unbox the product and charge both left and right products. The reason I put that I like the product just so so is because I haven’t been able to actually use them yet. I can write more after the units are charged and fully operational.

    • ibstone (store manager)

      Thanks for you comment. Do hope that you can share more on Amazon after you actually use them. Should you have any question, please contact support@ibstone.net. We will come to help at once.

  15. Diane Erwin

    This hearing aid is comfortable, discreet, rechargeable and does an incredibly nice job for the price! I am very happy with it.

  16. David Stout

    I am happy with the function and sound quality. However, the sound tubes seen too short for my ears. I will be in contact to see if there are a longer length available.

  17. Mac Fry

    Eyeglass frame/earpiece pressure causing pain. Hoping I’ll develop tolerance.

  18. Gabe Thoman

    It was a gift for christmas and my grandpa loves it!

  19. Diana Wong

    I would have preffer to have a smaller instrument over the ear. Also the carrying case could have been smaller for ease to travel and carrying it. I do like that it comes with a charger. I also like that it has a memory control, although not so sure that I will like changing the settings so frequently. Sounds are still not clearer and crispier, probably because I have not get used to it.

  20. Janek (store manager)

    Small with multiple set up option, rechargable!! and not for $$$$$. There was a problem with charging one of them but after charging it few times it seems to keep the charge for all day now. Helpful service and additional hearing accessories free.

  21. Thomas Baumgardner (store manager)

    Amplification is more than adequate, with no more or less “tinnyness” than $5,000 models, and their rechargeable feature is a big improvement over my previous Oticon BTE pair. The unit is slightly bulkier in the ear tubes and the BTE unit than Oticon’s, but not enough to be a problem, and I hope to see some good service from these devices.

  22. Amy Larchuk

    I just got them today, and I’m charging them. I have not used the product yet, but I am looking forward to it.

  23. tzefirah (store manager)

    Super easy to use with 4 sound augmentation settings. WAY better than spending $4K for a doctor to fit you with a professional set. I love that they’re rechargeable. The on-light/off-light is a little confusing, but nothing serious. I needed some customer service and the company was extremely helpful and generous.

  24. Dan E. (store manager)

    Bought these for my wife, and she loves them. She said it took a few days to get use to them, but they work very good.

  25. Colleen (store manager)

    Different sized ear fittings were very helpful. No batteries is a huge plus. On button can be a little difficult to function when in the ear. So far an excellent purchase. They work very well and stay charged all day.

  26. Lifechoice (store manager)

    Beautiful price, beautiful appearance and reliable quality. My friend recommended this brand to me. Unfortunately, my father already bought a pair for higher price and it’s not rechargeble. Wish I had seen this earlier.

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