iBstone Hearing Amplifier Vive10 (Thin Sound Tube)


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  • EASY OPERATION – iBstone Vive10 hearing amplifier is easy to use with a unique volume control button and a separate mode button. Forget about confusing press and hold operations, suitable for adults and seniors with Mild to Moderate hearing loss (not for severe or profound hearing loss).
  • CLEAR SOUND – Enjoy superior and high-quality sound with this PSAP hearing aid. An advanced feedback control technology ensures there are no whistling, very low noise levels, and a very quiet background.
  • SMALL AND COMPACT – A small and compact design of the BTE hearing amplifier goes a long way in giving you all day comfort to the ear. There are two types of tubes design, thin tube and thick tube, you are free to choose. (Not for people with difficulty to operate small stuff)
  • GIFT PACKAGING – As FDA approved hearing aides, iBstone ear amplifiers are very durably made with superior materials and outstanding reliability. With exquisite packaging and complete accessories, it would be a great listening assisted gift for families and friends.
  • GUARANTEED – Purchase with confidence. Full refund or returns can be provided. Any issues contact us by email or link:  https://www.amazon.com/hz/help/contact/A3UDOTU40YL94F?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&sellerID=A3UDOTU40YL94F&_encoding=UTF8&ref_=v_sp_contact_seller&.



8 reviews for iBstone Hearing Amplifier Vive10 (Thin Sound Tube)

  1. Cheyanna Gillispie (store manager)

    I received this because my husband is deaf due to prior military service.. insurance only covers so much and hearing aids are ridiculously expensive! Here are a few things we absolutely love!
    1) it’s a universal fit! It fits both ears and doesn’t have to search for a specific one for each ear. He also tells me how absolutely comfortable they are, he said most of the time he can’t even tell that he’s actually wearing them!
    2) He can hear! He doesn’t hear a bunch of static or any other annoying sounds! He hears our kids talk and play, he hears me.. he hears our dog barking. He cried when he first used them.
    3) They are amazing quality, not cheap, they fit well and look high quality as well! You can’t tell that they didn’t cost a kidney!
    4) The customer service is top notch! We had a small issue and they completely went above and beyond to make sure we are very satisfied! I will forever buy anything and everything I can from this company.
    5) The price is amazing! With our insurance we still would have had to pay $1500 out of pocket and that’s just not something we could afford. I searched high and low for something we could use until we could save up enough money to afford it but as of now he doesn’t even want them because this works so well!
    Over all I highly highly recommend this product, you will absolutely not regret it! Once you can clearly hear again it changes your life. It has truly changed my husband in multiple ways, he’s never been happier. I fully believe it’s a life changing product. He wants to be around and go do more things, he wants to be sociable and even attend gatherings!

  2. easy reader (store manager)

    I bought this for my husband and we’re both much happier! He even told me to not talk so loud. It’s very easy to use, and the tv is no longer blaring. I highly recommend this product.

  3. Emily (store manager)

    I have mild hearing loss and people have to repeat words to me time by time. I thought it’s unnecessary to buy hearing aids for thousand dollars (being different from those with severe hearing loss), so I just let it be until I found this hearing amplifier. It’s enough for me,really improve my hearing,and excellent for the first time use.

  4. Joseph (store manager)

    I received the iBstone hearing aid on 27/7/2019. I was happy to use it as it help me to hear better. Unfortunately it stopped working after 4 days . I could find that tube is blocked . cleaned the tube and start working again. but sound is
    less in hearing. this tube need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 days for better hearing.

  5. Kent Phillip (store manager)

    I’m going to try and cover all aspects here good or bad. Amazon may redact this review to r extent because I will name a competitor.
    I have been wearing BTE’s for a while and prefer them to ITE’s. Much easer to handle and adjust.
    I quit spending dollars on over priced Auditory specialist because I have discovered that what is “amplifiers” and is available over the counter so to speak is just as good if you do your homework.
    My last aid was an otophonic and was good while it lasted. Their customer service is also excellent.
    Now for the vive 10:
    It is very compact and has only two controls. Volume and one to switch between two preset programs. The otophonic had four presets but there was very little difference between them. There is a very noticeable difference with the vive between the normal and the noisy environment programs and they work.
    The first thing I noticed was that I could hear the TV. I have, for several years had to use a wireless headset to hear the TV even with a hearing aid.
    The second thing was the sound was so natural. No tinny sound, no humming, no noise of any kind other than the sounds around me.
    My wife and I have 25 acres in a rural area in Tennessee and like to have an evening coffee outdoors. My wife questioned my quiet demeanor and I explained that I was just listening to the birds.
    Yes! I haven’t been able to hear birds for a long time and now they sound so natural.
    You will receive every thing you you need to adapt this device to your particular needs. Be aware that you will notice some feed back or squealing until you have the ear bud properly seated in your ear. I love this aid.

    UPDATE: 10/1/2019
    my original purchase was four months back and I have been so pleased with this aid I finally ordered another (one for each ear) and couldn’t be happier. My one complaint is that I have always bragged about how quite my old F150 is after 16 years and now that I can hear I understand why all my passengers always looked at my like I had lost it. It isn’t that quite after all. Seriously, I have read some of the other reviews and I don’t understand the complaints about difficult instructions and poor Chinese quality. These are as good quality as ones costing several hundred more dollars.
    as far as instructions, i found them very straight forward and very easy to undrstand. This product is not that difficult to understand. Keep in mind you will NOT have a buzz or feed back if you are using the proper size ear bud and have it seated properly in the canal. This will take a small bit of practice.

  6. Coleman Farrar (store manager)

    I bought this product for my 86 year old father. He seems to enjoy it very much. As soon as I placed it in his ear, his eyes lit up and he said “I can hear you!”. I have offered to get him the second one. I only bought 1 initially to see if he would use it. He is still deciding, so he says. I think he just doesn’t like it when I won’t let him pay for things LOL. He has mentioned some ear irritation from wearing it, but i suspect this is normal. Who is used to having something in their ear? I’m going to give him a few more days and then see if he’ll let me purchase the 2nd one for him. Very satisfied at this point with the product.

  7. Chris (store manager)

    Small and compact. Able to use for either ear.

  8. Sandra Meaker (store manager)

    I received this hearing amplifier today, and I am thrilled with the results! It took a little time to assemble, but, but I did. I’ve had very little hearing in my left ear for nearly 30 years. If I lay on my right side, I don’t hear anything! After trying this product out, I can now hear, if I’m laying on my right side! It feels like a whole new world has opened up for me, plus I love the fact, that it’s FDA approved! 😀 I highly recommend this.., and now, I’m looking forward to ordering another for my right ear! Thank you so much, for this wonderful product!!❤️

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