iBstone Easytest Marijuana THC Test Kit (25 Pack)


  • More than 99% Accurate in detecting THC with 50 ng/mL cut-off level, the level recommended by FDA and widely applied in employment and pre-employment marijuana drug test, school, colleges, and university drug test by administrators or medical professionals.
  • Single Packaged and Long Period of Validity. All our THC test strips are single packed, convenient to take them wherever you need. All the expiration dates are at least or better than 04-2021, as printed in the inner box. No need to worry expiration.
  • Easy to Use – Remove the cap and dip the test into urine for only 10 seconds; Read the result within 5 minutes. 2 lines appears means negative and clean, 1 control line appears means positive and not clean; A very faint test line still means a negative result.
  • Cleared by FDA 510(k) for home use (OTC Use), CLIA Waived for professional use; Same science used as Lab screening test;
  • Guarantee – Purchase Easytest marijuana drug test kits with confidence. Full refund or returns can be provided.


iBstone Easytest Instant Marijuana THC Test Kits, Reliable Highly Sensitive Single Panel Drug Test Kit Detecting THC in Urine.

Product Feature
· Highly Sensitive Marijuana Test Strips detects any form of THC: marijuana, cannabis, ganja, weed, dank pot, zig zag, grass, hydro, hashish.
· Each dip test is individually sealed in an air-tight pouch.
· The expiration date is on or better than April 31, 2021, as indicated on each pouch.[amazon text=Amazon&asin=B07RHPQDNH]
· US FDA 510(k) Cleared for home use (OTC Use) and CLIA Waived for professional use.

Users Scope
· Home drug testing kits(drug detox kit) by parents to test their adolescent children
· Employment and Pre-employment drug testing by employers or selves
· Pain Clinic Drug Testing by medical professionals
· Substance Abuse rehabilitation facilities and Sober Houses by professionals or administrators
· School, Colleges, and University drug testing by administrators or medical professionals
· Criminal justice and Law enforcement drug testing by professionals

· Dip the strip into urine sample for a full 10 seconds and close to but not pass the Mark line. Read the result in 5 minutes, no later. · A faint test line (T Line) is still considered a negative test result. The color density of a T line can vary due to: protein levels, acidity, dilution, and specific gravity levels of a urine sample.
· Although most employment labs follow the FDA standard for drug screening tests like our tests, few may follow different standards or provide a different type of testing process. To pass the drug test, better check with the employment drug test lab about cutoff level for any comparison.
· Read the Product Instruction in the package to understand how to use the drug tests. Strictly follow the PROCEDURE to avoid any result deviation.

Then order it, you will get more than you paid.


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